The primary service areas of AMDC are system analysis and technology consulting, particularly in association with missile systems.

System Analysis

Military missiles are not used in isolation but rather as part of a more or less complex system. In addition to the missile with its launching device, a missile system consists of a command & control component, communication devices, and separate sensors.
Furthermore, missile systems are usually integrated into higher-level military systems, such as vehicles, aircraft, and/or ships.

AMDC conducts system analyses under various aspects. Usually, the primary focus is on the performance or effectiveness of the missile system. It is determined not only by the missile itself but also by the other system components, in particular, the separate sensors. Also, safety, cost-effectiveness, and environmental compatibility are important aspects of system analyses. The most valuable tool for system analyses is the simulation.

The following film shows the flight simulation of an exemplary anti-ship cruise missile, approaching a naval unit. Such a simulation, for example, facilitates the analysis and optimization of target approach procedures.

Technology Consulting

Today, the development of modern military systems is driven by the rapid evolution of civilian technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies are available worldwide and can be used by potential adversaries. In order to keep pace with this trend, it is essential to keep the own forces’ equipment technologically up-to-date. Many countries therefore pursue extensive military research.

Technology management first identifies the technologies that are expected to have a significant military benefit. Research projects are then to be planned and implemented in a way that the military avail of the results is ensured. This usually requires to already take the operational conditions into account in the research phase. After a research project has been completed, the knowledge acquired must ultimately be stored and distributed to those organizations and institutions for which it is deemed relevant. Due to our staff’s many years of experience, we are capable of supporting our customer’s technology management at all stages through a dedicated technology consulting focused on military requirements.

The following example illustrates the use of machine learning algorithms to identify ships online in a film, taken by an infrared seeker of an anti-ship missile.